Sunday, May 7, 2017

Want an Answer for Variable X?

Let me start by explaining what a variable means in mathematics. A variable is something that has its value changing constantly. One minute it is value say 10, the next minute its value has changed to some random number like 23. That is why it is called a variable; deduced from the word varying.

How to Solve for x

Now that you have understood what a variable means, let us dive in straight in to getting the values for that variable. If you do not know how to do it, you can jump into There, you will find so many steps on how to solve for x.

For example, given a simple equation like the one below, 3x + 3= 0
, And you are told to solve for x
Steps that you will see at that website will be like the one I am about to show you.
Here we go,

Step 1:   You need to collect the like terms together. That is, in an equation, the set that has variables are like terms same case to those that do not have variables.
In our case, 3x will remain on the left hand side (L.H.S) while taking the 3 to the Right Hand Side (R.H.S).
You will get; 3x = 0 - 3
Remember, once a quotient crosses over to the other side of the equal sign, its + or – symbol has to be interchanged. That is why, you see +3 changing to being -3,

Step 2:  You go ahead to start simplifying it. That is, 3x = -3

Step 3:  make sure you remain with the variable on one side. Therefore, you will have to divide it by 3 like this;

When you do the division, you will find that the value of x will be -1. i.e. x = -1

Complex example

Solving variable x has its own difficulty levels. Simple equations like the one, I just illustrated above are less difficult to solve. At times, you may come across a complex equation and are told to find the value of variable x in that equation. If you know nothing, you may start sweating profusely like African pot on fire. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that there is a way you can stop this swearing before it even occurs. I will stick with as the best math friend you can have who will offer his relentless services to you for free.
From there, you can get to know how to solve for x in sophisticated equations like this one;

Okay, for math geniuses, I know they will say that this is a simple equation. However, not everyone agrees with them. I, for one think that this equation involves a lot of thinking. Though the equation could be cumbersome and time consuming, you will eventually land at the answer. The value for x in our case should be 1.775 having rounded it off to the nearest thousandths.
If your answer is different from mine, you need to retrace your steps and see where you went wrong.

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