Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dividing Fractions

Fractions are a very important expression of numbers in Mathematics. They are used in many computations including those that can relate to real life situations. Fractions are by themselves a division of two values or simply a representation of the parts of a division. You can be able to compute many operations using the fraction including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In the article, we will consider division involving fractions.

Before getting into details of division involving fractions, it is important to understand the constituents of a fraction itself. A fraction should always be in its simplest form. In case the fraction is a mixed fraction, the first step should be to make it an improper fraction. The number on top is called the numerator while that at the bottom is the denominator.

Another important terminology to understand is the reciprocal. This operation is very important when performing computations that involve division of fractions. Note that if the sign before a fraction is division, the reciprocal of the fraction is determined and consequently, the sign changes to become multiplication. You will have to recall this Mathematical operation when dividing fractions.

Dividing a number by a fraction

It is mandatory to note that the knowledge of multiplying fractions is important when dividing fractions. The first thing to do before the division of a number by a fraction is to ensure that the fraction is not a mixed fraction, meaning it does not contain a whole number but is either a proper or improper fraction. Once this is ensured, find the reciprocal of the fraction and proceed to simply multiply the number by the reciprocated fraction.

The steps above can be summarized in the following steps:
1.    Ensure the fraction is either a proper or an improper fraction
2.    Find the reciprocal of the fraction
3.    Multiply the number by the reciprocated fraction
4.    Simplify the resultant fraction to its simplest form.

Once you have found the product, simplify it, if the product is a fraction, by finding a common divisor of both the numerator and the denominator. You can always check if you are correct by multiplying the numerator and the denominator by the divisor and getting the original fraction.

Dividing a fraction by fraction

The procedure used in the division of a fraction by another fraction is more or less that same as that of the division of a number by a fraction. The first fraction, in this case, is treated as the whole number. The knowledge of reciprocals is equally important when dividing a fraction by another fraction. The first step is to ensure that both fractions are either in their proper or improper forms. Mixed fractions can cause complications later in the computations.

Once both the fractions are in the desired forms, find the reciprocal of the second fraction and then proceed to multiply the two fractions. As a reminder, multiplication of fractions is very simple. Simply multiply the numerator of the first fraction by the numerator of the second reciprocated fraction and do the same with the denominators. Simplify the resultant fraction.

The steps for the division of a fraction by another fraction can be summarized as below:
1.    Express both fractions into either proper or improper forms
2.    Find the reciprocal of the second fraction
3.    Multiply the two fractions
4.    Simplify the resultant fraction

Friday, May 13, 2016

Online Math Solver for All Students

Not everyone is passionate about Mathematics, but it is something worth dying for. Back then, the mathematics used to be involving and somehow boring for some people. Those were the times where major calculations were to be handled manually. With technology shape-up, so much has changed. The math tools like calculators have made this discipline more enjoyable and less hectic than it used to be.

More innovations, less work
Even more, the coming of the online math tools has made handling of calculations easier and less hectic than ever before. The math solver, for instance, allows you to perform operations on complex expressions using the least available time. More interestingly, you will use an array of functions to simplify bulky work into something that is more manageable.
Math Solver
Math Solver
Various Concepts; easy solutions
Genera Mathematics covers a wide area of issues. It involves topics that are both easily comprehensible and hard nut to crack. Areas like matrices have remained for a long time tricky to handle. Getting something that handles such equations in an easier and perfect way isn’t something to be taken for a ride; it is worth it all the way. With a tool like math solver, you can easily solve for equations involving three unknowns without straining unnecessarily. Various concept and procedures are involved with one major aim of finding an agreeable solution. In sorting out 3x3 equations where three components are unknown for instance, either Gaussian Elimination or Cramer’s Rule will be used in finding dependable answers to trivial questions.

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The answer to most life principles and laws lie in complex equations. Most scientific disciplines are math houses fully built with a variety of equations. Solving of equations, therefore, becomes a critical point in Mathematics; something than needs to be embraced and loved rather than feared. Math solver helps people from all walks of life and different levels of study to find easy solutions to most equations. You will only need to structure your equation, type it and have the most suitable answer displayed to you in a couple of seconds; real time.
Equations go hand in hand with graphing of concepts. You will have to put in illustration your deductions from given equations. In the past, many people have found difficulties plotting graphs. Through math solver, the revolutionised technology has made plotting of graphs online easier and more reliable. You will only need to key in the involved equations and other few required data. In doing this, you will have to specify both the upper and lower limits on x that you would like the graph to be plotted for.

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You no longer have to crack your head trying to solve some ‘difficult equations.’ Simply cast they online and you will have the answer with you in a couple of seconds. It has never been this easier so why not take advantage of technology and handle your operations the easier way? It is worth it!