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Forms and Methods for Solving an Equation by an Equation Solver

Equation solver is a term in the world of mathematics where the person has to solve the equation. Solve the equations means to find the values like (numbers, sets, functions, etc.) which full fill the condition which is stated in a form of an equation, which means two expressions which are related to the equality. In this when a person tries to search the solution there are one or more than one free variables which are designated as the unknowns. For a person, the solution is an assignment of the expression of the unknown variables which makes the equality in a true equation. In the other words, the person may say that the solutions are the expressions, or it can also be called as the collection of the expression which is one for each of the unknown.
Equation Solver

The equations become the identity when it is being substituted for the unknowns. The problems which the person will solve will be in two forms such as like it will be in numeric or either it will be in symbolic forms of the equation. The equations which are being solved in a numeric form that only means in the equation there is only numbers are being represented which are clearly the numerals in this the expressions will not involve the variables and it will be admitted as the solutions. 

Another form of solving an equation is to solve it symbolically that clearly means that the expressions which contain the variables or it can also be possibly the variables which are not in the original equations will also be admitted as the solution for solving an equation solver.

For example, the equation is like X + Y = 3X – 1 is to be solved for the X which is unknown and it can be solved by the solution which is X = Y + 1, because if a person will substitute the value y + 1 for the X which comes in an equation results which will be the (Y +1) + y = 3(Y + 1) – 1, which is a true statement. There is also one more possibility for solving the equation is the person will also take the variable Y as an unknown and that equation will be solved for the Y = X – 1. There is one more possibility in which a person can treat both the variables X and Y as an unknown, and then there will be many solutions come out for this equation.
Equation Solver

Like, (X, Y) = (a + 1, a) it will be considered as a symbolic form of equation solver. If the person will instantiating the symbolic solution with a specific numbers will always give a solution in numerical form. For example a = 0 which gives (X, Y) which equals to the (1, 0) that will be consider as (X = 1 and Y = 0) and a will equals to 1 which gives (X, Y) = (3, 1). 
This is the way by which a person will get the answer for an equation solver.

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