Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Do you Specialised Mathematical Calculator?

The current mathematical calculators do not have the capabilities that the engineering and scientific communities need. They stand in high demand for a new style calculator. The new calculator like radical’s calculator should not be just a mathematical calculator it should have additional capabilities that make it stand a head in competition with the most sophisticated mathematical platforms. It should care for the complexity of the problems that face engineers.

First, the radical’s calculator has a powerful underlying mathematical engine. It can do many operations in matrices, algebra, differentiation, integration, plot graphs and scientific calculations.

In algebra, the inputs and outputs should be in a symbolic format, and it should do the operations of add, multiply, subtract, and divide algebraically. Now one can have his tool that does the long algebraic division for him. It also should do factorization and finds roots in addition to algebraic differentiation and integration.

It should allow the user to enter mathematical expressions the same way he is used to in school and university. It should support brackets and nested brackets to any level and support exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions and the brackets of these functions can contain functions This way any function can be expressed for scientific calculations, plot graphs or calculus.

Now imagine an engineer who wants to solve a design problem to take some decision. The problem can be solved by multiplying matrix A with the inverse of matrix B and adding that to that the result of matrix B multiplied with the inverse of matrix A. The normal matrix calculator would not do to solve this problem. However; this calculator should give the user the appropriate tools to solve such problem. The user can declare three matrices internally and manipulate them to do a sequence of matrix operations on data and follow up on the display screen the progress of operations to reach the answer. This is usually done with sophisticated mathematical platforms that are usually very expensive but never with any calculator. One should be able to do all these sophisticated functionalities just by pressing buttons and not by writing code like the other programs demand.

This way the user can do a continuous set of operations on data and follow that on the display screen to solve his design or research problems.

The algebra section of the radical’s calculator has the same capabilities. Imagine a design problems demands solving several algebraic fractions. To do this by hand is extremely time consuming and error prone and when one has many of these problems it becomes impossible to do. The programs that can help in doing that demand that the user write substantial bits of code using their platform's mathematical engine but with this new calculator, it should be very easy to solve this problem. The user should be able to do it in minutes and with absolutely no programming. The calculator is simple to use to carry out the calculations with approximate results.

This significantly improves the user experience of engineers and scientists!

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