Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Solving Math Problems Like a Pro

For the longest time, I have known people who have tried their best to do away with math. For them it is a big, scary, complicated, monster that would cause nightmares day or night. Funny as it sounds, this is true to most students, even adults. They think math is a series of problems that need to be answered. However, they got it all the other way, because math is the solution to most of the available numerical problems. It is even part of our daily problem solving tasks.
Math Solver
Math Solver

Nevertheless, why do they feel this way, because the process and scrutiny of deriving an answer from a series of math problems is a whole lot of work? It takes time and effort that could be used for other life priorities. Finding a better and faster way of solving these math equations will make them realize that Math is indeed a solution and not a problem.

Are you fond of watching investigative movies and series? It really amazes me to see cases being solved by an individual or a group through a step by step process. And now, it even gets more interesting due to the advancement of technology. They can hastily solve issues and cases with the use of new inventions, discoveries and solutions. Math and algebra are no different. It is just like crime or scene solving puzzle, which needs to be solved by a step by step process. But if these criminal fighters are into advancement, why not us? We can also solve algebraic problems through the advancement of technology and the internet.

Take the online math solvers. These sites are designed to make crime solving, I mean math solving easy and simple. It includes process that could come up with an answer in a couple of minutes unlike the manual way that could take long hours of computation. If this is really a case, the suspect has already fled and the victim is already dead, right? That is why we have to learn how to adapt and move fast.

Amazingly, these sites do not charge for anything. You can solve algebraic equations with the use of their specialized calculators. It also covers a wide range of algebra from basic expressions, fractions, expanding, factoring and quadratic equations. This can help save lots of time and headache right?

Try solving this equation,   (9*x-3)*(6*x-7) = (18*x-1)*(3*x+2)-1
The answer is x = 4/19
How much time did you spend computing? Were you able to come up with the right answer? Did you know the solution immediately or you were lured into trial and error? Did you know, with www.quickmath.com (an algebra solver site) it only took 10 seconds?

For the math lovers, do not worry this is still math in the new era. Besides, the logic and equations behind these sites still depended a lot with the traditional math. Now, why don’t you try it yourself and discover the benefits of adapting to change. Let us make our life simpler to achieve greater things.

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