Monday, August 22, 2016

Working with Fractions and their Conversion to Decimals

We need to be in a position to do this since Money is all about percentages and decimals always. We also express Prices regarding decimal numbers. A fraction is a representation of any figure of equal sections or parts of a whole. It depicts the number of elements of the specified size that exist. A fraction is made up of a numerator and a denominator. A decimal is a type of fraction that written in a unique or extraordinary form. It can also refer to a figure in any given decimal system. A decimal is a value related to any numbering system. Conversion of a fraction to a decimal is made possible by the use of a decimal point. A decimal point is a period which separates the tenths place and the one's place in any decimal number.

We use percentages to write tips, sales tax, interests and discounted prices. It’s a critical skill to know how to compute and estimate percentages and decimals with or without the use of a calculator. In Mathematics, the knowledge to move fluently between decimals, fractions and percentages are necessary. Percentages are used to represent interest rates, but their decimal form is also used to calculate them. The conversion between decimals and fractions can be done even without a calculator.

Conversion between percentages, decimals, and fractions
Percentages and decimals are a unique way to represent fractions which contain denominators of power ten. “Percent” means “divide it by 100.” It is easy to convert a decimal number to a fraction than a fraction of a percentage number. You need to move the decimal point two places. You need to check if the decimal point has moved to the right direction by using the average percentages and decimal equivalents. A decimal approximation of a fraction is by dividing the numerator and the denominator. A fraction of the whole is a shift of the decimal point two places to your right. Common fractions are recognized when they appear to be decimals. When you are doing any calculations with a calculator, the result at most seems to be of decimal approximation. May fractions don’t have a proper or definite terminating decimal structures.

A calculator approximates its answers to an exact figure. Some commons percentages, fractions, and decimals can be used to estimate a reply. When we develop visual aids of rational numbers, we understand equivalent and multiple forms of those rational numbers and their relationships among decimals, percentages, and fractions. Small aged pupils have been known to have difficult when dealing with rational numbers for various reasons.

The conversion of fractions to decimals is an essential math skill. The concepts are simple once to decide to learn them. It helps in solving financial problems. Numbers from one to nine are written in a form of decimals and fractions in two different designs. Since a number that is below ten can be shown either as a fraction or a decimal, it is necessary to learn various mathematical equations that figure out the equivalents between decimal numbers and fractions.

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